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Learn About Our History

Ransmeier & Spellman P.C. was formed in 1979 by Joseph Ransmeier, Larry Spellman, and John Ransmeier. Joe and Larry had long been partners in a prominent, larger Concord law firm and John, Joe’s son, was a young partner in the same firm. They wanted to organize a new, smaller, and collegial firm founded on professional values they shared. When the firm was formed, they were joined by Larry Smith, an associate in the office they were leaving, as well as by brave support staff who were willing to join them in the venture.

Photo of Professionals at Ransmeier & Spellman P.C.

John Ransmeier, Larry Spellman, Joseph Ransmeier, and Larry Smith

Between them, the firm’s initial lawyers were able to staff their new firm with broad, general practice expertise. Joseph Ransmeier’s first career was as an economics professor at Dartmouth. After he became a lawyer in his mid-thirties, his practice involved public utility and corporate matters connected to his background in economics, as well as trust and estate administration work. Larry Spellman had spent his legal career in courtrooms trying cases, typically as a lawyer for the defense, and often representing insurance clients or physician defendants in malpractice cases. John Ransmeier’s legal experience was diverse, with time spent handling banking, business and real estate matters, writing appellate briefs, and working on trust and estate projects. Larry Smith’s chief interest was in litigation.

Statewide Network Of Clients

From the beginning, the firm had a statewide network of clients for whom its founding lawyers had previously worked. Thus, its lawyers were able, in the new firm, to continue essentially the kind of work they had previously done in the large firm setting they had left. The founders were friends, had full confidence in each other’s capabilities, and shared a common interest in working hard and delivering high-quality legal services. They believed that a collegial arrangement of shared work and file responsibility, and equally shared profits, would create an environment in which they could enjoy satisfying professional careers. The recipe was a good one. Before long, the firm had doubled in size, and then added still additional lawyers – with the roster in recent years ranging from a dozen to twenty attorneys who generally subscribe to the principles that motivated the firm’s founders.

Historic Locations Through The Years

The firm has been located in Concord since its inception, with its first offices in the former Eagle Hotel building located in Concord, across Main Street from the Statehouse lawn. In 1981, most of the firm’s members participated in the purchase of the historic New Hampshire Savings Bank building on the corner of Main and Capitol Street, which was occupied by tenants at the time. Since 1987, Ransmeier & Spellman P.C. has been headquartered in space it renovated in the New Hampshire Savings Bank Building. Over the years, it has had additional offices in Alton, NH (now closed), and it currently has offices in Rochester, NH, and by appointment in Andover, MA.

Office Building of Ransmeier & Spellman P.C.

Emerging Practice Areas Meet With Tradition

The firm’s client base and roster of lawyers has changed over the years. New areas of practice have emerged which include, as examples, municipal work and conservation easement work for landowners and the non-profit entities that hold the easements. Still, the firm remains committed to the values of its founders, engaged in a state-wide general practice, and providing clients advice in matters involving business, real estate, state regulatory matters, estate and trust administration matters, estate planning, litigation (civil and criminal), and family law.