Real Estate And Conservation Issues In New Hampshire

At Ransmeier & Spellman P.C., we understand that land conservation and keeping family land in the family is important to a lot of New Hampshire residents. Unfortunately, changing family dynamics and the costs of holding and maintaining family properties can make these goals increasingly difficult to achieve.

Property ownership is complicated, and every piece of land and every landowner presents a different set of concerns. Without a proper understanding of the law relating to succession and how it applies to real property, a family may be forced to sell or develop the property, inevitably hurting future family members.

We also appreciate that our local and statewide land trusts do a great deal to help New Hampshire land owners preserve the landscapes they — and we — love. We’re proud to help our land trusts fulfill their missions in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Real Estate and Conservation Issues We Address

Ransmeier & Spellman P.C. represents New Hampshire land owners and land trusts facing legal challenges associated with the ownership, conservation and protection of real property, and with passing that land efficiently from generation to generation. In our more than 41 years in state-wide practice, we’ve handled hundreds of cases involving a variety of real estate and land conservation issues, including:

  • Residential and commercial real estate transactions, and other conveyancing matters
  • Title research, examination and insurance
  • Estate planning issues
  • Land conveyance
  • Conservation easement establishment and enforcement

Conservation and Real Estate Easements

Conservation easements are great tools for landowners who want to continue to own their land, and are willing to impose certain restrictions and limitations on the land in order to allow them to protect the land in perpetuity. Preparation and drafting of such a legal document requires particular knowledge of the law of conservation easements that can be provided only by a lawyer experienced and proficient in the full conservation easement process

The land conservation group of Ransmeier & Spellman P.C. has more than four decades of experience helping land owners and land trust throughout New Hampshire and the northeast negotiate, draft and implement conservation easements. We guide our clients through the complex process, making sure the easement complies with state and federal laws, and we take care to ensure that our clients understand what they are agreeing to before they sign anything.

Put Experienced Counsel In Your Corner

To address your concerns about your land conservation and real estate issues, talk to the qualified attorneys at Ransmeier & Spellman. You can reach our team at our Concord office by calling 603-290-5104 or contacting us online. We provide a consultation to clients and accept credit cards.

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