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Efficient Assistance For Asset Distribution

Following a death, a myriad of issues arise that require assistance, whether as a court-supervised probate proceeding to carry out the terms of a will or the administration of a trust outside of the probate process. Ransmeier & Spellman assists executors of wills, administrators of estates, and trustees of trusts with these matters to provide for efficient administration and distribution of assets.

Aiding In Trust Administration

Administering a trust, especially a complex trust, is often confusing and difficult for an inexperienced trustee. Our attorneys are experienced in advising trustees with all aspects of trust administration. Whether assisting with the termination of a trust and distribution of assets following a death, or the more complex issues involved in ongoing administration of trusts for family members or others, our attorneys provide the expertise needed for efficient administration.

In addition to representing trustees and assisting them with trust administration, our attorneys also serve as trustees for many of our clients.

Effectively Representing Clients Throughout The Probate Process

Although court-supervised probate administration can be avoided with proper planning, it may be necessary. Probate can be challenging and stressful for everyone involved, including the executor, family members, and other beneficiaries and interested parties. Without the right legal background and support, an inexperienced executor may have difficulties managing an estate administration and successfully navigating the probate process.

At Ransmeier & Spellman, we thoroughly explain an executor’s duties to our clients and assist them in effectively carrying out these duties. We can even serve as executor if necessary. We understand the administration and probate processes well, and are equipped to assist with:

  • The valuation of assets
  • Estate, gift, and income tax returns
  • Sale or transfer of real estate
  • Communication with beneficiaries
  • Creditor claims
  • Preparation of court filings and ancillary documents

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