Administration Of A Complex Trust

At Ransmeier & Spellman P.C., we use our decades of legal experience to help clients navigate the difficult process of establishing a wide variety of trusts, including complex trusts. But our services do not end there. We help clients throughout the lifetime of a trust if necessary, guiding clients through the difficult process of administration and potentially even probate litigation, if necessary.

With complex trusts, the need for a skilled lawyer is a must. Administration of a complex trust works differently than simple trusts, from how the trust may be distributed to what portion of the trust may be taxed. All of these aspects may be confusing to an executor with no experience handling a complex trust.

But with one of the qualified attorneys from Ransmeier & Spellman P.C. at your side, not only will you get someone who has experience handling complex trusts, but you can rest assured that we can successfully walk you through any legal challenge that should arise.

Probate For Complex Trusts

Though establishing trusts can typically help a family avoid probate, it may be necessary for a family to go through this sometimes challenging legal process if the process is done incorrectly. During probate litigation, a family may be required to prove the validity of a trust or deal with issues concerning its distribution. Without the right legal background, an ill-experienced executor may have difficulties managing these issues successfully.

At Ransmeier & Spellman P.C., we know how to thoroughly explain an executor’s duties for our clients and can even serve as an executor and trustee if necessary. We understand the administration and probate processes well, and are equipped to assist with:

  • The valuation of assets
  • Estate, gift and income tax returns
  • Sale of real estate
  • Communication with beneficiaries
  • Creditor claims
  • Preparation of court filings

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